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Jonny Travis

Founder & Content Creator

Age - 31

Since having a SEGA Megadrive from a young age, my hobby and interest in gaming have only grown larger over the years. This includes an interest in gaming personalities such as streamers and YouTubers, along with an insight into Esports. I also have an unhealthy obsession with technology, which is why here at SkyPunk Media I can now share that love...


Co-founder & Content Creator

Age - 31

I was always party to the latest consoles as a child, from SEGA Megadrive to Nintendo64 to Playstation & XBOX, and ultimately to my gaming resting place; PC. From here I've developed a gut-wrenching passion for the point & click adventure/mystery genre and this is what you'll find most of my content to be based around - let me know if you'd like me to cover anything!

Ryan Clarke

Co-founder & Content Creator

Age - 30

Video games have been an integral part of my life since the 16-bit era. Witnessing its progression from the frontline has been enthralling; not just on-screen, but also in its rich history & those who are involved in bringing these visions to life. SkyPunk Media has granted me the opportunity to express my thoughts on the titles which have captured my attention & to the elements involved with this ever-evolving industry.


We Need Content Creators!

We are on the lookout for like-minded game lovers to join us in Content Creation at SkyPunk Media!

Whether you're an established gaming journalist looking for another outlet to display your reviews, or if you're simply just a game-lover with a desire to try your hand at reviewing some games....get in touch, we want to hear from you!

Email us at skypunkmedia@gmail.com

Shaun Bramley

Age - 31

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