Akame Ga Kill! (2015) Anime Review

Akame Ga Kill is an anime that ran from August 2015-February 2016, It's also based on a manga but this was still only halfway through the story when the anime was released. Due to the timings, the anime only follows the manga to a certain point in the story and proceeds to wrap things up pretty fast. Differing from the manga, the reception was still strong for the final 6 episodes. Both were published by Square Enix, with the manga written by Takahiro, the anime was written by Makoto Uezu and directed by Tomoki Kobayashi.

The anime is a single-season featuring 24 episodes and also wraps the story up by the end with no signs of a season 2. For me, this pulled me straight in with not having to fully commit to something large with a sense of unknown. After finishing it, I can easily see that if it were to be dragged out for another season then it may lose my interest, even though I have a lot of love for the story and characters. There were numerous ups and downs in my opinion throughout the show, so, without any more delays, let's jump straight in.

The show's basic plotline (without spoilers) follows a male protagonist by the same of 'Tatsumi' who leaves his village with is suffering from severe poverty and vows to travel to the Capital and use his sword skills to hunt down 'danger beasts' and make money to help his village. After finding out the Capital isn't everything that people said it was, he sees a dark and sickening side to the city and finds out that the young emperor is being manipulated by his uncle which has lead to corruption throughout the Capital and the surrounding villagers (Including Tatsumi's).

Tatsumi is saved & kidnapped by a group of Assassins called 'Night Raid' and soon realises they are trying to help the revolution take place and over through the Emporer and bring peace to lands, with the downside being that they would have to get their hands dirty and have blood on their hands to accomplish this. The members of Night Raid and some other people throughout the land have unique weaponry called 'Imperial Arms' which possess numerous abilities with its user. When the Emporer creates his own task force equipped with imperial arms to hunt down and destroy Night Raid, things escalate out of control...

The base storyline was enough to keep me hooked and the added side stories did help flesh it out a little, but even with the season only running with 24 episodes, I felt that it was too long. Through at least 8 episodes, I felt the story was becoming a little rinse & repeat. With another deadly squad hunting down Night Raid and then failing the episode after, then ANOTHER 'deadly squad' would hunt them an episode or two later. This was a little frustrating as it took some of the quality screen time away from things that could have been explored more. One thing I highly praise this show for, is its lack of fear to kill off main characters, with a similar feeling to Game Of Thrones, you just never know if and when a character will meet their demise.

Now, minus the mid-season repeats, the opening 10 episodes were great and had me glued to my screen on a massive binge! This also came to be with the final 6 episodes where all the storylines start to wrap up and the final battles take place. The ending left me feeling satisfied and happy I endured the mid-season, I'm more than happy I took the time to watch this and will be purchasing on Blu-ray to add to my collection, with hopes of a rewatch in the next few years.

When it comes to characters, there's a large pool in this show. Not only does the show focus on the 'good guys' but it also goes into detail on numerous 'bad guys'. Which I absolutely love with anything, You get to see everyone's point of view and motivation which makes it a far more difficult question than if they are good or evil.

I found a couple of characters to be a little dull and drain the life out of me but this can all be down to personal preference, whilst the rest I loved. Although some of the writing felt a little out of place in a few conversations, I was easily able to look past that. The one thing that really grinded my gears throughout the show was that one specific character constantly explained how her imperial arms worked in EVERY fight they were in, which was extremely annoying, which is a shame because all the fight scenes are pretty impressive, especially towards the end.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this show and highly recommend it for people wanting to sit back and watch some fun action with a nice blend of typical anime comedy in the mix. It also plays on your heartstrings at multiple points and some of the visuals are highly impressive and gorgeous. Although suffering from a dragged-out sloppy mid-section, overall it paid off and the first half and the last 6 episodes were impressive and delivered. I will be sure to watch this again sometime in the future but I highly recommend giving this show a watch.


  • Strong character lineup

  • Some incredibly entertaining action scenes

  • Satisfying ending


  • Drawn out repetitive mid-season

  • minor annoying writing during some fight scenes

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