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  • Jonny Travis


System: PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One | Released: 2021 TBD

Developer: EggNut, Raw Fury | Reviewed On: PC (Steam)

BACKBONE is a dystopian noir adventure in which you play Howard Lotor, Private Detective, a second-class citizen of a reimagined Vancouver, Canada. He's also a raccoon...what?

Originally a Kickstarter campaign, the developers have since realized their goal and seen the idea come to fruition through years of fan-funded dedication, from conceptualization to development. Now, they have released a prologue demo of the game, showcasing what they've accomplished, what to expect, and have reached a final build of the full release that is currently being subjected to QA testing.

So, let's get into it, shall we? I was lucky enough to stumble across this on Steam having heard next to nothing about it previously and was immediately drawn in with the conceptual artwork and screenshots on show - one of the easiest download decisions I've ever made. As you know, I'm a lover of Point & Click adventures and this, without even playing it, ticked all the boxes.

Demo downloaded, I load up and I'm instantly hooked and romanced by the stunning pixel art style being presented. Dull hues, smooth slow jazz, and the prospect of diving into a detective story make for a happy Troy. Right off the bat, I felt Discworld Noir vibes reigniting something within me that I thought lost a long time ago. The ambiance is just right and captures everything I feel a Noir detective adventure should.

Without saying too much - not that it's possible from a demo - the whole prologue was overwhelmingly satisfying and I can tell that I'm going to love the full game. As it stands, it has lined the story up perfectly to the point where you just know you're going to get dragged deep into the rabbit hole but are eager to allow it - a really good cliffhanger.

Here're a few screenshots from the Press Kit published on EggNut's webpage:

Gorgeous, no?

Well, it is. You won't change my mind. I'm severely looking forward to the full release and I'll be sure to review it straight after.


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