Detroit: Become Human (2018) Game Review

System: PC, PS4, PS5 Released: April 2018

Developer: Quantic Dream | Reviewed On: PS5 (PS4 Version)

Detroit: Become Human takes place in a not too distant future, where highly intelligent androids are built on assembly lines, sold in shops and help people

with day to day tasks. Washing, cooking, babysitting, running errands around the city, etc.

The council also introduced androids into their workforce, taking jobs as cleaners, care takers, public transport. Along with people opening their own shops and having them fully automated by androids as the money rolls in without having to pay-out wages. Which in turn has led to serious backlash from human groups around the country, more and more jobs replaced with androids.

Alongside this, you also have a small number of androids encountering severe system failures which have left the androids believing they are alive, resulting in units disobeying orders and even performing unpredictable acts of violence which is strictly against protocol.

The opening of the game which is also featured as a free-to-play demo on all systems, It has you playing as an advanced prototype android, which is tasked to work with police enforcement to find out the nature of the android faults and report back to CyberLife with results. In the opening scene, you are dropped into a dangerous situation, as a house android has taken the family's young daughter hostage. The reasoning for this? The android saw that the family were looking to replace it with an upgraded model and it now has a sense of fear.

Without going into spoilers, this is where the game starts to show it's comprehensive choice systems... On a basic level to begin with

To jump into the deep-end relating to choices, there are a possible 85 known endings, some of these vary and overlap, as you take control of 3 protagonist's in completely different circumstances. Their fates lay with you, there is no game over in place, there is no safety net in place. Your decisions are final and you should be prepared to suffer the consequences whether good or bad. I HIGHLY urge people not to reload their saves just because a scene didn't play out the way they had imagined, instead, embrace it and buckle in for whatever ride you have ahead of you. Your story and playthrough is most definitely going to differ massively compared to your friends.

Quantic Dream have always played with choice throughout their history of games and it is most likely their biggest feature too. Featured on Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, their ambition with choice has grown over the course of all three games. Though the choices are in a many ways restricted and are normally tied up towards the end to leave you with just a few to a dozen different possible endings.

A flow chart after one chapter in Detroit: Become Human

It is Detroit: Become Human, where this feature (in my opinion) is perfected. After each chapter you will be met with a chart which shows the choices you made and also provides a percentage to show the amount of players which chose the same options as you. Alongside your choices, you will see many multiple paths and outcomes that could of come from that one scene, although the details of those choices are kept hidden, it just gives you a good idea on how complex and long, or how simple and short a scene could of played out depending on circumstances.

Leaving the biggest feature of the game to the side, another thing Quantic Dream are well known for, is their mind-blowing and cinematic stories. Whilst opinions for the story of Beyond Two Souls are heavily mixed, their stories told in Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain are highly praised by critics and fans. I'm not going to lie, after my dissatisfied experience with Beyond Two Souls, I remained uneasy that Detroit would let me down, and for this reason, I stayed away from the game until December 2020 when I received the game on the PlayStation Plus Collection on my PS5.

I jumped in not knowing what to expect but deep down I hoped they would unplug me from the real world and transport me into this futuristic world with immersion and gripping story. I was not ready for how this game would change me!

Before the game gets going with the deep story, I was dropped into this world seeing how androids have integrated themselves into our society. Without question, no other game has ever pulled me in as much as this did. Supported by it's strong list of famous actors present, motion capture and voice acting were on the top of their game, along with highly realistic graphics.

From the start until the very end I remained on the edge of my seat, unknown the amount of times I was left gasping for breath, shouting "Oh My God, What The F*** Is Happening" out loud. The game has so many twists and turns with high tense situations, with three separate stories which slowly begin to merge in certain ways and all building up tension.

Jesse Williams, Valorie Curry and Bryan Dechart


Valorie Curry, also portrayed the same character in the short tech demo 'KARA' on the PlayStation 3. Shown at the game developers conference in March, 2012

Kara Tech Demo (2012) PlayStation 3

One award winning scene (awarded by myself) which can relate to recent events globally through 2020, has a strong impact and mirrors real-life political issues. It is one scene that will forever stay in my memory and I'm sure it will too for you and many other gamers out there.

The only negative I have with this game, Is the same negative which has plagued all the titles from Quantic Dream. That is the clunky controls which, if you've played any of their other titles then you will understand what I mean... BUT to build your excitement once again, Quantic Dream have upped their game with the control system, total amount of times the clunky controls interrupted my game = ONCE. I'm so glad they improved on this system as it could lead to loss of immersion and frustration especially in scenes where you're limited on time or in a rush


Is Detroit: Become Human, one of my favourite games of the PS4 generation? Yes

Is Detroit: Become Human, one of my favourite games ever? YES

I can't recommend this game enough to anybody, It's one of the biggest must plays I've ever recommended. I will replay the game at least a few more times and I'm sure It will feel almost new to me as I don't expect to see 90% of what I experienced in my first playthrough again


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