Fall Guys (2019) Game Review

The latest battle royale to hit the gaming scene is the colourful arcade platformer 'Fall Guys'. In which 50 players enter a short competition with your own custom Fall Guy through skins and customising. The task is simple enough, play through 4-6 rounds of mini-games and challenges as you slowly end up as one of the last few players remaining, then take on the final game to crown yourself the winner.

The game has become an instant hit and topping streaming charts, people can't get enough, yet I managed to only play 4 hours before stopping playing. Here's a quick overview of those 4 hours, the first two hours with friends was fun, few drinks going down and having a few laughs, the 3rd hour it was easy to start seeing the cracks in the game and things that could be improved on, the 4th hour just led to pure frustration over issues in the game. Now to remember this is purely my opinion on the game if you're still loving the game and on it constantly then I'm more than happy for you and hope your crown currency is stacking up.

Now that I just mentioned my experience I think it's best we jump straight into my negatives about the game. Server issues, not sure if it's based on D-sync from the server or not but the capture the tails game mode where you have to make sure you have a tail when the time runs out. Opponents were managing to steal my tail from me with been metres away, yet when I have to steal a tail back from them, I have to be pretty much on top of them and still not guaranteed that it will steal it. Races kind of start off unfair as there can be 3/4 rows of players at the starting line, instantly putting you with a disadvantage at the start, this is especially frustrating when it's the final round and the remaining players need to race to the end of the stage and grab the crown to claim victory.

Now, I know this isn't a serious game but as a fun game, I think it reveals itself to be a bit unfair and has so many variables to place a lot of the game down to simply pot luck, with skill and tactics appearing to be next to minimal. Even the fact that you can be running and another player seems to catch up to you and even overtake you... like how? we're all the same. My closest victory was on the race for the crown, where yet I and another player were upfront, he fell over but still managed to catch up and steal the crown with the tiniest margin between us.

Some positives (not many, unfortunately) the game can be fun when playing mindlessly with friends and having a laugh, maybe if they bring split-screen to homes too then the whole family could join in.

Finally, I'm hoping my opinion of the game changes and I suspect it may, the game is still really early in release and I'm sure a large number of changes will take place to improve the game. Also, the number of stages and challenges added could be limitless and wouldn't be shocked if we even got a basic level editor at some point, would be nice to see.

Overall this can be a fun game to play but I just feel there are too many things that just throw me off and make me feel as if I'm wasting my time when i could be on something less frustrating. I have no doubts the game will improve over time and with the upcoming seasons, will more than likely post another review in the future when the game is more solid and there's a lot more content added. I feel the £15 price point is a bit much and to be honest, I feel like the game should be free-to-play with the option to pay for the battle pass included.

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