February 2021 Xbox Games with Gold

The latest Xbox Games with Gold have been announced for February, here we dive into the games that Xbox have offered up for its subscribers:

Gears 5: Coalition brings us a new entry into the Gears of War franchise, subtly named Gears 5. In this outing, you control Kait Diaz, who must uncover the origins of the locust and unravel the truth behind her family’s past. Set months after Gears of War 4, you are joined by your friends, JD, Del, and the legend that is Marcus Fenix.

Gears 5 also comes with its highly impressive multiplayer allowing you and your friends to squad up in numerous online modes.

Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb: A game developed by the collective, this 2003 Xbox game comes to Gold shortly after learning Bethesda have a new Indiana Jones game in the works, take a trip back to Indiana’s journey through the jungles of British Ceylon, as Jones seeks the idol of Kouru Watu.

Lost Planet 2: Developed by Capcom, Lost Planet 2 is a third-person shooter that is set 10 years after the events of the first game, the snowy environment has melted away to reveal jungle-like settings. The game focuses on a civil war between many of the groups within the game, fighting over thermal energy. The game is split into episodes to put you in the different factions in each chapter, to allow the player to see how the story unravels from the various points of view.

Resident Evil: Journey back to the game that kicked off the series in its remastered format, with updated visuals and an improved control system. The game puts you in control of Chris Redfield, who leads Alpha team, who are out to investigate the strange goings-on just outside Midwestern city after Bravo team goes missing.

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition: A game developed by Long Hat House, is a 2D metroroidvania platformer, as Dandara, embark on an adventure to bring the world of Salt back from the brink of collapse. Restore balance to Dandara’s world and combat the unique enemies within the game. The trials of Fear edition comes with new areas to explore, new story elements, all within this visually impressive, handcrafted pixel art world.

Indiana Jones and The Emperors Tomb, Resident Evil, and Gears 5 will be available to subscribers from Monday 1st of February, Lost Planet 2 and Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition will not be available until Tuesday 16th February.

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