Halo Infinite - DELAYED

Updated: Aug 12

Yet another blow to the gaming world as 343 INDUSTRIES announce that Halo Infinite is to be delayed until 2021.

The statement, made my Chris Lee (Studio Head), was rolled out to social media outlets and the Halo Infinite blog, today, Tuesday Aug 11, and comes just days after Halo Infinite was showcased at the Xbox Series X event on July 23.

The reasons, outlined in Chris's statement mention COVID-19 impacts on development, inducing challenges on the team, which is understandable right?, but also implies that other factors for the decision were involved.

As disappointing as it may seem to die-hard Halo fans eagerly awaiting its release, comfort can be taken from the fact that development and refinement of the game will not be rushed, especially after the game received a large amount of criticism following the Xbox event pertaining to the graphics showcased in the demonstration - again, a specific date for release has not been given.

Similarly, the Xbox Series X has been confirmed by Microsoft for launch in November, 2020 with no actual date - stay tuned to SkyPunk for updates.



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