March PS Plus Games

The latest PS Plus games are now available for March, here we dive into the 4 games that Sony have offered up for its PS Plus subscribers:

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Square Enix brings Final Fantasy VII back in a big way, choosing to bring this iconic story to gamers in a unique project, this story is effectively phase one of their plans, as part of their reimagining of this tale. Return to Midgar as Cloud to aid the resistance group known as Avalanche, to stop the plot that threatens the planets destruction.

Immerse yourself in this deeper exploration of the Midgar section from the PSone Classic.

Side note, this is the PS4 version and does not grant you a free upgrade to the up coming PS5 version.

Remnant: From the Ashes: Developer Gunfire Games brings you a bleak world that has been overrun by monsters from another dimension, as one of the last remaining survivors on the planet you must venture out to reclaim what has been taken and begin to rebuild humanity.

Remnant can be played solo or with up to two other players in this third person survival action shooter.

Maquette: Annapurna Interactive have made an utterly unique game that comes to PlayStation 5, the game is available for purchase for PlayStation 4 owners. Maquette is a first-person puzzle game that puts you in a world where you need to manipulate objects in your area to solve puzzles, from shrinking or enlarging objects to fit the puzzle and open new areas. The recursive world you can see is mirrored in different sizes all around you, as the love story of two people growing together unfolds. This game truly makes you think outside the box.

Farpoint: This PSVR title puts the gun in your hands as you crash land on an alien planet, you must fight your way through the hostile environment to uncover what has become of your team. PlayStation VR truly brings this space adventure to life and makes you feel like you are on this planet fighting for survival. The game can be played with the PSVR Aim Controller or your DualShock Controller. It also offers online co-op play with a friend, to make you feel less lonely on this unknown planet.

Still available to snap up until April 5th, 2021:

Destruction AllStars: A vehicular combat game, that firmly puts you in the driving seat, as one of the 16 controllable superstars. Put your skills to the test in the arena with four game modes, whether you are wreaking havoc in your vehicle or on foot displaying your immense parkour skills, as you seek out to destroy your opponents on the battlefield. Each character has abilities to master and unique hero vehicles to run riot in. Destruction AllStars is an online multiplayer game by Lucid Games. The game will take full advantage of PS5’s Game Help feature to help players get to grips with mastering the AllStars.

Looking at the games above, I would say I can not wait to jump into Maquette, this game for me, is the most intriguing one on this list. I enjoyed Annapurna Interactives What Remains of Edith Finch and the fact it has that feel but has a lot of puzzles in a unique setting totally has me interested to discover more behind the story and truly feel the effects of manipulating the world around me. Keep an eye out for the SkyPunk Media Maquette Review coming later this month.

All these games are available now to add to your ever-growing library of games, even if you feel these games are not for you, it is always worthwhile adding them to your collection as they are free with the subscription and one day you never know, you may want to try them out.

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