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  • Jonny Travis

My Name is Mayo 2

System: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (backward compatible), PC | Publisher: Green Lava Studios | Developer: Green Lava Studios | Reviewed On: PlayStation 5 | Released: November 2020


For a lot of trophy hunters like myself, this game is well known for being, well, an easy platinum, some people might say it is cheating, I say, indeed not my friend. This is easily summed up as a clicking game and that is all there is to it. As a trophy hunter I thought I would share my thoughts on a game that I never thought would get a sequel.


This game goes the same route as the first game, you have a jar of mayonnaise on screen and you control a pointer in the shape of a hand, with this pointer you click away on the jar and so begins your journey to opening this jar of mayonnaise. The game stays true to what trophy hunters would expect following on from My Name is Mayo.


My Name is Mayo 2 brings the same feel as its original, only this time the developers have put some “story” and new modes into the game, which was a surprise when I first booted the game up. Ah but, I do not mean to give you false hope that this game is better and maybe more like a game that challenges you, no. That is not what you get here and to be honest, it is not what I was after either, I just wanted a quick and easy platinum and this game delivered, in about forty-five minutes, but that depends on how quick you can mash the X button on your PlayStation controller. Yes, that is right, the gameplay the game offers is just tap the X button A LOT. The story is non-existent, each story you click on, which is set into categories such as Love, Dreams, Money etc. But each story only really offers a sentence which does slowly expand as you work down that stories list, although its super basic and at end of the day, I still feel there was no story here, something I did not mind as I was only here for the sweet platinum.

From an obtaining trophies point of view, the game is a bit more stop start than the first game as you complete the required taps on the current story you then have to pause and select the next story to then continue your “challenges”, again it is not a challenge, more than likely just giving you a break from breaking your finger off the X button to select the next story or check how many taps you are short of. They do mix it up with some new style of gameplay for our little jar, such as a flying styled level where you have to avoid the buildings and one where you spit pizza out of the jar, which mixed it up, but you cannot really fail any of these levels, just depends how fast or slow you can, once again, mash your action button.

The goal of the game is still to register ten thousand taps to get the final trophy and unlock your sweet platinum, how long it takes you to get there is just down to how long you can stare at the screen tapping the same button over and over again. I did do it in about forty-five minutes, it should not take any longer than an hour and one hour for a platinum is A-Ok in my book.


Ok, you are not here for graphics, not in this game, it is not the worst cheap platinum game out there but that does not mean it is stunning, it is a simplistic design, that is simple enough to not look horrible and can be quite amusing to see the designs of the outfits you get in each story for this jar of Mayo, but overall the graphics are underwhelming which with a game this style is to be expected.


The sound is poor, you just hear a tap sound on the jar with every click and a tune in the background that I eventually had to mute as I felt I was on hold to some electric company, or something of that nature. I would have appreciated more effort into the music but alas, you cannot win them all when you want cheap, easy platinum’s.


Now, I knew what I was getting involved with when I purchased this game for ONE POUND, yes that is right, a quid, well sorry 99 pence. A 99 pence, one hour platinum game, yes, I am a sucker for these, and this game is massively for audiences like myself. I can not overly recommend this game unless you are a gamer like me that just loves popping a platinum, the game is poor by most people’s standards but when it comes to an easy platinum then I can overlook its failings if I get my platinum fix.

This game, for people wanting a platinum is a ten out of ten, a must play if you like cheap, easy platinum’s, however the game is by far a ten out of ten, the game does not take itself seriously, it is a joke that it even exists but one I am grateful for when it comes to getting that next platinum to pop, but as I have said above, the graphics are sub par, it has its unique look, well as unique as it can get for a jar of mayo. The sound is nothing to write home about, as I say you might just be better off on mute listening to music as you smash your way through this game. There is no real story, again not much you can do with a jar. This game is for a select audience only, if you are not into platinum’s you will find it hard to see the lure of this game, but for me I found it funny that I was even playing a sequel to this. There is no replay value either just a means to an end, my final verdict is not based on my love for platinum’s but from a realistic point of view of could I recommend this game to someone and did I even have fun with it. So just to round up before my score, my overall thoughts are -


· Easy Platinum

· Only £0.99


· Graphics underwhelming

· Poor sound

· No real gameplay

· No real story

· No replayability


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