November 2020 Update

Hello everyone! Hope you are all safe & well. Here in the UK, we are currently midway through week two of a four-week lockdown announced by the Government & following our recent content hiatus, I wanted to provide you with a rundown on how things are going here at SkyPunk HQ, as well as the changes & agreements we have come to moving forward.

With Microsoft releasing their Xbox Series this past week & Sony set to release the PlayStation 5 in the coming days, we are very excited to experience the upcoming titles for these systems & witness the evolution of video games in this generation. For us as a brand, we have seen a level growth in our social media followings & want to thank everyone who has shown their support, liked our content & spread the word. As always, we truly appreciate this.

Our recent hiatus came at a time when we needed to take a break & think about what we want SkyPunk to represent, as well as how to represent this moving forward. A lot has happened for us to get to this point & whilst we’ve been able to express our thoughts on a number of games since our launch, we needed to sit down & think about the standards we wanted to set for our brand & how we can improve the service we deliver to you.

All of this is done to stay true to our primary goal: to provide a simple & effective platform that allows us to seamlessly provide our thoughts surrounding this industry. Below, I have provided a rundown of these discussions to provide clarity to our supporters & confirm how we are improving aspects of SkyPunk moving forward.

  • NEWS: We will now be posting smaller news announcements of interest exclusively via social media. Any news requiring a deeper analysis will be posted via our website with the relevant notifications sent via social media.

  • REVIEWS: We will be setting a benchmark of at least one game review per week. As we are still a small team, we feel we need to allow us the time to dedicate ourselves to our reviews; ensuring that we prioritise quality over quantity.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA SYNC: All social media posts are now universally synchronised across all platforms.

  • WEBSITE UPDATE: We have begun making changes to our website, however they are taking longer than expected; mainly due to our current personal commitments. The site will still remain accessible & explorable during this time, so you can still check out our latest & past articles. If any issues arise, we apologise in advance & aim to rectify them in a timely manner.

  • PINTEREST: We have decided to discontinue our Pinterest page, as we wish to focus our efforts on the platforms we are familiar with.

  • NEXT-GEN STATUS: As confirmed recently via social media, we have acquired a PlayStation 5 on launch day; allowing us produce content starting this month. At present, no members of the team have acquired a Xbox Series console & we have no current plans to do so. We apologise to anyone who was looking forward to our thoughts on these consoles. We don’t want to show any sort of bias towards PlayStation, but we feel it’s unfair for us to deceptively review something we don’t own. If this changes, we will of course let you know. Please note that we have previously reviewed games available via Xbox consoles & members of the team are Xbox console owners & Game Pass subscribers.

  • PLATFORM REBOOT: We have plans to reboot one of our platforms that preceded SkyPunk Media, but we are currently still discussing the specifics; in terms of presentation & content. We will make an official announcement when this is ready to launch.

We acknowledge that whilst we are still a new site by classification, our vision & drive for SkyPunk Media remains the same. We believe in continual improvement & the above announcements allows us to maintain & improve our standards under our current circumstances. We, of course, welcome all comments & feedback regarding our website or any of our platforms. Simply reach out to us via direct messages on social media or by emailing skypunkmedia@gmail.com.

As always, thank you again for your time & thank you for supporting SkyPunk Media.

Ryan Clarke

Co-Founder & Content Creator

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