The Batman (2021) - Teaser Trailer Released

Following information of the new Batman film way back in 2016, a tsunami of speculation from fans of the franchise flooded the internet, and when a leaked video of the new Bat-Suit and motorcycle made its way through cyberspace back in February, it was safe to say that initial impressions were a mixed bag...

Leaked visuals of the new suit (likely a prototype) indicated that maybe the team behind the new film, starring Robert Pattinson as Batman alongside a juicy cast, have chosen to go in a different direction to the expected continuation of the franchise, with confirmation of this being revealed in the new teaser trailer which dropped yesterday, Aug 22, at the virtual DC FanDome event.

If you're a fan of the DC Universe over Marvel like myself, then you will essentially be working with a blank slate as far as expectations go. After Christopher Nolan's masterpiece reimagining of the Batman franchise starring Christian Bale and depicting a darker take on the superhero, it was always going to be a mammoth task to uphold the mantle and that's exactly why Zak Snyder's Batman films thereafter, with Ben Affleck assuming Bruce's role, left something to be desired.

Whilst the visuals of the Warner Bro's films (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League) were satisfying, they just lacked the substance and character that the universe deserves.

Now, it seems, that the studio that made the intermediate films could possibly redeem itself with The Batman (2021). Originally, this film was to be Ben Affleck's brainchild with him writing, directing and starring in the feature. Having trouble finalising a story for the film, however, saw him stand down from both writing and directing posts in January 2017 and director Matt Reeves taking his place one month later.

In January 2019, Ben Affleck stood down from his character as Bruce Wayne when the script saw the direction of the film lean towards a younger Batman, with an intention of exploring a more youthful detective perspective of the superhero, and potentially earmarking the film as the first in yet another REBOOT of the franchise.

You can probably feel that speculation of the film on the web is nothing short of palpable, having had so much time to gestate and with little to go on, but the small tidbits that have been teased this year conjure extreme promise for the upcoming standalone. It would appear that Reeves has opted for a more classic, and ultimately, more believable Batman, which is exactly what DC fans are more likely to want to see - something akin to the recent 'JOKER' film starring Joaquin Pheonix and exploring the darker corners of the universe and character origins.

Initial impressions of Twilight star Robert Pattinson's casting as Bruce Wayne was also very mixed amongst the DC community, however, with the release of this teaser trailer, a steady acceptance of his face as Gotham's Knight will soon come to pass and become the staple of our expectations.

The teaser trailer, below, shows quite a bit of footage that should see us through until its release in 2021, with confirmation of known stars in their assumed roles and a split-second clip of some combat that really excites the perception that this film could be another work of art within the DC Extended Universe.

Exciting times or what?!

Check it out:

Thoughts? Feelings? Make your own mind up but SkyPunk is absolutely ready for this next take on our Caped Crusader!

Troy, out.

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