The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer - This Is The Way...

If you watched The Mandalorian Season 1, you were an audience to a work of art (popular opinion, chill out) that stayed true to the original Star Wars style and feel of old. The trailer for the second season has finally waded into our digital shores and yields an air of anticipation beyond our expectations

Featuring the phrase that couldn't be more epic, "This is the way", in keeping with the Bounty Hunter doctrine, the trailer reveals that The Mandalorian is about to embark on another galaxy-spanning journey to return the 'package' to its origins.

Once again we get to fall in love with baby Yoda as 'Mando' protects him (her? it?) whilst watching characters old and new hit the screen. What's more is that we will see Boba Fett make an appearance, played by the original actor who has been involved in the franchise for years (Temuara Morrison, 2004).

Something else that is teased in the trailer is that 'Mando' will be returning baby Yoda to some 'enemy sorcerers', namely Jedi's, which further sparks speculation from the first season that baby Yoda may, in fact, become another 'YODA' in service to the Jedi's and not just of the same species - we shall see.

Season 2 will host a variety of directors as was the case in season 2, presumably on different episodes, seeing Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Howard returning to direct in some capacity again.

Also, as if the gratification wasn't enough for Mandalorian fans, a third season is currently underway!

Check out the trailer ahead of the specified air date, Oct 30, on Disney Plus!

Troy, out.

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