Troy's Top 5 Point & Click Adventures

For the Point & Click Warriors out there, I thought I would list my all-time favorite adventures from the genre. Point & Click isn't for everyone, and I know the genre as a whole suffered for a long time. Only in the last 5 years has it seen an upturn in popularity, and I guess my preference stems from my love of stories. Stories are, in my eyes, part of the human condition, and the more focus on the story the better. This is where the genre surpasses the rest, in my opinion - unadulterated focus on a game's story/adventure.

So let's cut the crap and dive straight into the good stuff!


Playing this as an up-and-coming reprobate sparked within me a love for all things day-of-the-dead and the Aztec noir touch was a stroke of genius. Playing as Manny Calavera, a travel agent for the Department of Death, the adventure you're thrust upon across the Underworld is nothing short of epic. If you haven't played the original I'd recommend heading straight for Tim Schafer's remastered version of this 1998 Lucas Arts classic.

Read my personal review of the remastered version by Double Fine Productions HERE.


This was a breath of fucking fresh air, a nice change from the rhetoric, and was an interesting take on a detective thriller. Aside from the unbelievably unique watercolor art style, which is beautiful btw, the entire plot and backstory are award-winning. Technically not a Point & Click, although employing the genre's mechanics, it's an RPG of abstract design and considerable prestige. All I can say is this is definitely one for the catalog.

My review might intrigue you a little more, read it HERE.


A return to a 1999 release, The Longest Journey, is something I do every few years and as I sit back and re-experience the following of protagonist April Ryan on her multidimensional journey to alter the fate of two parallel universes, I realize just how amazing this game actually is. With a huge scope and a cast of genuinely likable characters, this game is definitely one to experience before moving onto the reimagined sequels in the franchise - Dreamfall, Dreamfall Chapters - that are equally as vast in imaginative eloquence and value.

Surprisingly, I haven't reviewed this game, but will be sure to the next time I run through it.


Clifftop Games continue to astound me with their isolated releases, starting with this title - Kathy Rain. A more down-to-earth adventure combining inquisitive progression into a detective-type role with elements of the supernatural, this game highlights the developer's skills in character development and nostalgic Point & Click plot lines. I cannot wait for the next release from Clifftop as I'm sure it will exceed my expectations further.

Read my review of Kathy Rain HERE, and as always, give it a bash.


For my number one is a game that will all be precious to me - the game that started it all. Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars is the title that ignited my Point & Click pathway and led me on a journey of self-discovery. My love of stories, character development, and mysterious plot lines all stem from this game, like tendrils of investigative intrigue.

Follow George Stobbart as he travels the world unraveling the secrets of the past - just do it, I'm begging you. And while you're at it, play the sequels that are equally as good, you won't regret it. Again, I haven't reviewed this title yet due to waiting for my almost annual playthrough. Keep your eyes set on SkyPunk for an almost definite near-future review of Broken Sword.

And there you have it; my top 5 Point & Click adventures to play and replay periodically throughout your life. Don't let these types of games die and remember why the genre exists.

Troy, out.

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